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Documentation, tutorials, blogs and media releases for building network of Networks among blockchains and classical IT systems using SOLYD Identity and Workflow(IAW) platform.

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What is Solyd?

Solyd is IAW platform that manages smart contracts over multiple blockchains, workflows with screens and scripts that manage execution of protocols among various blockchains and external systems.

See our website or build powerful applications on our cloud service!

What is Cyberium?

Cyberium is the blockchain partner for Solyd to provide low gas customised blockchain operations. The cyberium tokens are not final and their supply can change any time to suite Solyd operations. Therefore you should not buy Cyberium.

See Cyberium site for more information!

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How can I use it?

Solyd Studio is available either as a cloud portal, or as enterprise on-premise installation that can be customised according to your needs.

See our startup guide for details!